Hello and welcome to my blog. This is me. Wife and mother and dressmaker with a passion.

I like tea served in a proper cup and saucer (vintage preferably) with a slice of carrot cake on the side. I also like wine, in a posh glass. No idea why, but it looks sophisticated!

I love Dior and Vera Wang for style, Chanel and Dior for cosmetics, Champers (Daaahling!) and Jimmy Choo (although I don’t possess a pair, sadly)

I don’t like porridge, olives or fish.

How did it all begin? I worked for a spell in a bridal shop and with a good sewing knowledge was asked to help alter gowns. It was great when the boss was away. We played dress up! My best friend at the time asked me to make her wedding gown and the rest is history.

Why No. 9? When I  re launched the business in 2009, I was working from home. No. 9 was the number on the door. Simple as that!

Achievements Moving into my studio Easter 2011 and winning the 2012 Wedding Industry awards regional designer November 2011 and the national title for 2012.

Failings My dressmaking theory GCSE O’Level. I passed the practical side!

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