Pretty Maids All in a Row

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a relaxed bride as, Bec on the day of her wedding and it was a pleasure to be part it, not only for making her five, soft silver grey, duchess satin bridesmaid dresses, but helping them all dress for their big day. The square neck of the bridesmaid gowns accommodated beautiful bespoke necklaces from Tamara Harrison Design along with matching earrings to complete their look.

The wedding took place at Joondalup Resort where Bec’s suite was nestled among the tranquil and lush greenery of Australia’s native bushland.  Even though the sky opened up for a few showers, it didn’t dampen the mood as these fabulous images from Steve Hughes Photography show.










Bec’s veil and bridesmaid gowns ~ No.9 Bridal Couture

Personal Dressing Service

Bridesmaid’s necklace and earrings ~ Tamara Harrison Design

Photography ~ Steve Hughes Photography

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