Accessories at No. 9

If you haven’t already seen our wonderful online brochure about achieving the perfect look for your day, which includes wise words from accessory guru, HF Couture, then have a look here

In short, Jane Hardman Ferris of HF Couture says of her accessories and I quote.

“A headdress should always be beautiful and compliment the art of the couturier. It must never compete with it, or draw the eye away from the ‘main dish’. A good headdress is like a great condiment adding a little pizazz to finish the dish. That’s how I approach designing all my pieces….never overwhelming,never too much, but always in tune with the style of the gown and the lady wearing it…”

We work, with what we consider, the best in Accessory makers to compliment our gowns and we have a wonderful array of accessories in the studio to choose from.

Fotor111217571Above pieces HF Couture accessories

Fotor1112175816Above pieces HF Couture accessories

Fotor1112180548Feather wrap No.9 Bridal Couture, headpiece HF Couture accessories

Untitled3Lillian Halo, HF Couture Accessories, available at No.9 studio

Fotor1112184427Tamara Harrison Designs

Fotor1112184859Bespoke floral art Tamara Harrison designs

Please do feel free to make an appointment to view our wonderful accessory pieces (and yes, bought your gown elsewhere? Do bring it along to our studio where we can match the perfect piece!)

HF Couture Accessories

Tamara Harrison Designs

above images Rob Booker  Jason Tey

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