Your personal Dressing Service

On Friday of last week, 18th October, there was a knock at my door and on opening I was looking into the faces of three lovely ladies and thinking. “I have no idea who you are. Do you have an appointment?”

It transpired that the bride had bought her gown but it was in dire need of a press and after bringing it a few doors up (un bagged) I instantly fell in love!

The gown was in need of a steam press and along with that I offered our personal dressing service. (The gown was amazing and I wanted Lalaine, the bride, to look incredible)

On the Sunday, armed with my steamer, Lalaines gown and my emergency tool kit, I made my way, four doors down to  Lalaines home to become part of her wedding day celebrations.

Breakfast was on tap and it was great to meet other vendors (hair and make up) along with award winning Stellar Visions photography and videographers.

I didn’t feel the petticoat that had been sold to the bride could stand up to the job (the gown was extremely weighty) so popped back to the studio to fetch my Jupon petticoat.

After steaming the wedding gown along with other items,  we finally helped Lilaine into her wedding dress.

Everything was caught by Stellar Vision I think you’ll agree that Lilaine looked nothing short of perfect.

(and yes, Im caught in there too)



Our personal dressing service is subject  to availability and location/distance.

We will come to your home, steam press relevant garments and make sure you look like you have stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

Please do contact us for details.

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