A Little Christian Lacroix Inspiration behind a Year 12 Ball Gown


There is nothing worse than spending a fortune on a gown or item of clothing and seeing ‘made in China’ on the label. Sadly, this is a common theme and happens even among the ‘big’ designers. It doesn’t mean you haven’t bought quality, far from it, but with manufacturing costs so hi, its not surprising to see many designers looking offshore to assist with their manufacturing costs. Believe me I know. My Ralph Lauren jeans were, yes, you guessed it, made in China!

This gorgeous navy Christian Lacroix silk chiffon number was the inspiration behind my daughters Year 12 Ball gown.

The beauty of couture is you can have a one of a kind, individually hand-made gown just for you. Even better, everything is made in house so any design changes can be made immediately and of course, this means lead times can be greatly reduced.


We began with a silk bodice and hand draped the chiffon over the top to form the bodice detail. Beneath, is the inner corselette which is the foundation basis for the majority of our gowns.


The lace was hand dyed to compliment the silk chiffon and then each motif was carefully cut from the tulle and positioned through the front and hip line of the gown.

The neckline was hand shaped and motifs hand stitched to the neckline.



Making sure the corselette is in the correct position is vital. Too low and it will not provide the aesthetically pleasing body shape it is designed for along with much discomfort while being worn.You may even find the whole garment ‘slips’ down. You can see here we have positioned the chest and waist correctly into the corselette by leaning forward and allow the breast to ‘fall’ into the desired area. While holding the chest, take the standing position and while still holding, begin to lace the corselette. Once secure, you can let go.



My daughter didn’t want sleeves but also added two thigh length splits into the skirt front. A mini skirt was made and attached beneath the silk chiffon.


A little ‘Angelina Jolie’


Both gowns by No.9 Bridal Couture.

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