Without my brilliant jewels. Working with HF Couture

Without my brilliant jewels,

I am quite simply lackluster.
Bereft of all value and being,
They add sparkle to life itself.
Their many facets of individuality,
Each one unique and irreplaceable.
Priceless treasures within my heart,
Linked and bonded by infinite love.
The gift of family and sincere friends,
The most precious of all my possessions.
-Eileen T O’Neill

Couturier to stars of stage and TV, I first met Jane Hardman Ferris of HF Couture the summer of 2010 at Harrogate Designer Wedding Fair. I was truly captivated by the genius in her creations, each piece intricately hand worked down to the tiniest seed pearl and so began my love for such sparkly, pretty things. The likes of Miriam Haskell, Stanley Hagler, Dior and Schiaparelli among others have inspired Jane’s creations and I knew instantly she was the only person who’s style would work perfectly for my first collection showcase, The Vintage Shoot. The collaboration received much media interest, being described as the most authentic shoot to be seen and features in Vintage Life, Pure Weddings and British trade magazine Attire Bridal. Many of these can be viewed here

Vintage side tiara HF Coutureimage www.robbooker.co.uk

Vintage side tiara HF Couture
image http://www.robbooker.co.uk

Widows net and jeweled headpiece HF Coutureimage www.robbooker.co.uk

Widows net and jeweled headpiece HF Couture
image http://www.robbooker.co.uk

This collaboration has steamed into that of an extremely solid friendship and we have worked intensely close ever since. Below, images from our ‘Sirens’ collection which can be viewed in full on our website here
Headdress HF CoutureImage www.robbooker.co.uk

Headdress HF Couture
Image http://www.robbooker.co.uk

Couture Hat HF Coutureimage www.robbooker.co.uk

Couture Hat HF Couture
image http://www.robbooker.co.uk

Earlier this year we worked alongside fabulous photographer Chris Hanley with an amazing support team. Chris documented the shoot here and Marry Me Films contributed with these amazing films.

Floral headpiece HF Coutureimage www.chrishanleyphotography.com

Floral headpiece HF Couture
image http://www.chrishanleyphotography.com

Jane and my working relationship is intensely close and on occasions we have clashed because having the right look for her is just as important as having the right look for me, but it has never tainted the friendship. I regularly pass on clients to Jane for their headpieces and jewellery so the client will get that perfect balance on her big day and am super excited to introduce her to Perth WA. She is the couturier/designer and as she quite rightly has said.

“A headdress should
always be beautiful and compliment
the art of the couturier. It must never
compete with it, or draw the eye
away from the ‘main dish’. A good
headdress is like a great condiment
adding a little ‘pizazz’ to finish the
dish! That’s how I approach designing
all my pieces…..never overwhelming,
never too much, but always in tune
with the style of the gown and the lady
wearing it…”

 “Jane. Faithful friend, designer of the most beautiful and elaborate headpieces you could ever imagine. Bird, you sure do rock!”

Make up on ‘Sirens’ and Sutton Park shoot Jo Bilham make up artist


Hair on ‘Sirens’ and Sutton Park shoot Kizzy Edkins Charisma Bridal Hair


Chris Hanley Photography http://chrishanleyphotography.com/

Rob Booker www.robbooker.co.uk

Marry Me Films -Forever Memories www.marrymefilms.co.uk

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