“I did my daughter proud”

There are few occasions when a whole family come together, so it’s no surprise that a little competition is to be expected between mother of the bride and mother of the groom. After all, both ladies will be attending the wedding of their beloved daughter or son and both will want to look the part.

 When I first met with Anita, as mother of the bride, she had lots of strong ideas for her preferred style of dress.

Anita loved the vintage era and wanted to bring those elements into her outfit. She brought ideas and sketches along to our consultation along with images of hats to enable us to design something that she had in her mind. We began a colour swatch search and as Anita wanted to source colours and fabrics herself she presented me with a sample she found a few weeks later. It was a beautiful Orissa silk in geranium pink and it’s unique beauty was the irregular slubs running across the fabric.  The colour of the silk and design Anita agreed on would lend itself well with the use of a beautiful lace. Sourcing a lace in a colour to compliment the silk however did prove difficult so we looked to specialist fabric dyers. Many of the dyers would only accommodate lengths of 3 meters plus, but we only wanted to dye approximately 1 meter. So, I set to task of weeks of mixing dyes and hand dying samples until a shade to compliment the silk was reached.

The end result was perfect and a few weeks ago I received this kind note along with the images.

“Hi Linda

I hope you are all settled in and making new contacts! I just wanted to let you know that I felt wonderful in the dress you created for me. So many people commented on it – I felt as though I had done Jenny proud. Just disappointed that you won’t be here to create another dress for Sally’s wedding.

Many thanks again and good luck in your new venture!”


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