No.9 Bridal Couture- Additions to the website.

We are repeatedly commended on our bespoke website and strive to instill confidence in our product  to our clients by way of great images and layout.

The team at Bist, Nick Carlton especially, undertook the task of producing what we believe is a fabulous site. (Nick also designed our logo) Nick has also been commended that it’s one of the best websites his team have built and after an amazing shoot in April this year, we had a few extra pages to add. We deliberated on what to lose and what to keep so as to keep the site fresh and clean without too much clutter. We appreciate that many clients look at websites during lunch hours so wanted  the site more visual rather than long write ups! Everyone loves pictures right?

We want to showcase not only that we provide gowns for brides to be, but occasion wear and Prom. We even threw in a few knicker shots. yes, we ‘do’ lingerie too! Having our own You Tube channel meant we could incorporate our fabulous DVD film to the site, but felt it placed better here on the blog. We considered when and where possible clients would view the film and with music accompaniment,  we didn’t want everyone in the office to know they are looking at something they shouldn’t when supposed to be working!

The website is the initial window to No. 9  with links to our Facebook page (showing daily updates and images) and our WordPress blog where I tend to talk more in depth about projects No. 9 have been working on, the area that personally speaks to our audience.

I’d like to thank Bist and especially Nick who have never failed to deliver and Rob Booker and Chris Hanley for the amazing images which Nick has been delighted to work with.

Bist Media

Rob Booker

Chris Hanley


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