Bridesmaid to Compliment a Farage Wedding Gown.

It can be a worry when a client asks you to make a gown and then tell you they have already bought the fabric. The worry being, it may not be appropriate for the style or even dressmaking at all.

However, Natalie produced a lovely shot crinkle satin for the bridesmaid gown she wanted me to make for Abi. The fabric was gold to compliment the colour theme of ivory, a light coffee and gold. We decided on the style and chose a gold lace as a bodice overlay to the design.

Natalie brought her wedding gown to the studio to show me and I was in heaven! The gown was Farage, a design I had first seen at the British Bridal Exhibition in Harrogate. It was quite a welcome relief to see such a change in a wedding gown design, but can be considered by some as a little OTT with their sheer corset backs and use of lace and embellishment.

The bridesmaid gown design had to fit perfectly with such a beautiful and unusual wedding gown, but by using the fabric colour and gold lace, the simple half circle skirt with gold tulle peeping at the hemline and bodice overlay with lace applique gelled beautifully.

Congratulations, Natalie. No 9. hope you had an amazing wedding day.



One thought on “Bridesmaid to Compliment a Farage Wedding Gown.

  1. That is a stunning bridesmaids dress! I love her colour scheme choice as well – I think light coffee and gold are gorgeous together.

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