Brides Be Aware.

I’ve heard a lot about off shore purchased frocks recently. A few I’ve seen bear some kind of resemblance, but that’s about it!

This gorgeous gown, Blue by Enzoani, was ‘copied’ by an offshore bridal company. It promised the use of best quality fabrics and beaded lace.

Below was the result. The client was disappointed and I can’t say I blame her.

It appears the hoop is visible through the dress which draws attention to the interrupted flow of the skirt and detracts the eye’s attention from the overall effect of the dress. (this could be corrected with the use of a net petticoat)

I don’t feel the distance between the corset at the top is adequate. It should be about 5”.

Today I received a phone call from a client who’s friend is having issues getting her money back on her non uk purchased wedding gown. I was sent a few images of the gown which included pen marks and black ‘dots’ all over it. The image below was included.

I’m not exactly sure what has been stitched into to the applique. Looks a little like a dead bug!

So, as always, when purchasing from a non reputable wedding supplier, you pays your money, you takes the chance and it’s an awful job having to deliver a professional opinion to an already distraught bride.

Whether inexpensive or costly, the dress must be fit for purpose. Fit for purpose with a wedding dress will include all the practical things like wearable without falling apart, nice pristine, clean garment etc, but may also include unspoken expectations that matter to the bride but would be different things for others, eg. one bride may want a luxurious gown which will be the dress of her dreams which she intends to store as a keepsake, another may just want a dress for the ceremony and some photos and doesn’t attach any emotional significance to the dress.

I think you have to weigh up what you think you’ve been sold and what you have been.  Basically, do you feel you’ve got what you paid for?

The one thing I have heard for sure is. Getting your money back is an extremely hard task. Can you really afford to lose £250? Could go towards a rather lovely pair of shoes!


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