A little look at behind the scenes of our very ‘posh’ do!

I recently had the greatest of pleasures in bringing together my wonderful industry colleges and trusted friends to showcase a special gown, Tuscany’ in a more opulent setting than that of Italy (If that can ever be done!)

Sutton Park was the venue and the lovely Allison Daniel of The Wedding Affair pulled a few strings to secure the date.

The shoot gave me the opportunity to showcase not only our successful bridal couture range, but also occasion wear, prom wear and our new ‘Wedding night’ lingerie selection.

Cherish the dress creator Chris Hanley (Mr Photographer extraordinaire who shot Tuscany in Italy, October of last year) offered his services to re acquaint himself and his ‘friend’ again. The images he captured are nothing short of stunning.

Marry Me Films Forever memories captured behind the scenes, which has recently appeared in Hellomagazine.com, so for your entertainment, a few shots followed by the DVD.


Now, a sneak peek into what went on behind the scenes.

Marry Me Films  DVD

Chris Hanley Photography

Jo Bilham Make up Artist

Kizzy Hair

HF Couture Headdresses and Accessories

Just Darling Cakes Macaroons!

The Wedding Affair Sutton Park contacts.


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