Thank you’s and Congratulations!

Today, I received a gift from one of many satisfied clients. Sophie marries this Thursday and what she gave me was a beautifully framed poem all the way from Lancashire along with a thank you card. The message in the card read.

To Linda.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for my beautiful wedding gown. I never imagined I would look so bridal and so tiny (and I mean that in the best possible way) It’s simply stunning- and I love it!

So many thanks and much love.

I also received this wonderful e mail from our past client, Karen (below) It certainly made me grin. Karen and her girls, like many of my clients, were delightful and I do miss seeing them! Their humor had me in tucks for hours!

Karen’s e mail.

Hey you,

I didn’t realise you won the award for best wedding dress designer!!!!!!


Obviously my entry for nomination which said you were shit and a nightmare to work with wasn’t taken seriously !!  I must complain. Ha ha. Im really pleased for you. And I am even more proud that I have been privileged to be a part of it when I came to you. Just remember me when you’re throwing celeb bashes- invite is a must haha.

Checked out your new website, very impressed mrs and your collections are just divine and beautiful. But I expect nothing less from you, always perfect. Am I right that the model is your daughter???? Stunning.

Well I’ll keep in touch if only t o annoy and brighten your day with the friendly abuse.

All my love,

Karen smith xx

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