Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often. x

It’s manic in our house on a morning. I fall over shoes, school bags and more often the dog. Sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day, trying to fit in the what once was a job around the family, to what now is the family around the job.

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a couple who were due to be married next March/April 2012. The date hadn’t exactly been set, but recent circumstances has brought the date abruptly forward to this coming weekend.

James Melia, a guy who I consider a very good friend, put me in touch with the bride and she had her first fitting on Monday. She hasn’t tried any gowns, she simply sent over four images of things she liked and I went from there. Make up artist Jo Bilham is collecting the gown from me tomorrow along with a hair accessory kindly on loan to the bride from HF Couture. They are then off to Norfolk to the wedding. James is the photographer and Jo is making the beautiful bride,…just beautiful.

I’ve struggled with the home/children/wife/work balance just as many of us do, but over the last few days it’s given me chance to reflect and know that you should always have time for those you cherish. May be in reading a bedtime story to the children rather than catching up on e mails. The mail can wait half an hour surely? It means a much-needed ‘Date’ night with my husband who will be fetching our tea from Marks and Spencer ‘Dine in for two’ at £10 on Friday and counting my blessings each and every day for those I have around me.

All I will say about this forthcoming wedding  and the couple is this. “I am so very grateful for the opportunity to take a little time to think about things and to feel inspired by their courage.” Yes, Jo. So am I xx